What Does Hospice Cover?


Hospice provides extensive medical care related to your illness. That includes most medication, medical supplies, and home medical equipment.
It also covers home visits with our team members. Members of the team may include:

    • Your Primary Care Doctor – Who continues to oversee your care


    • Registered Nurse – Trained specifically to deal with pain and symptom management, and are available 24 hours a day


    • Social worker – To offer counseling and as resources for community service


    • Certified Home Health Aides & Homemakers – Who will help you with activities of daily living


    • Hospice Medical Director — Who works with your physician and other members of the hospice team to coordinate your care


    • Chaplain – To provide spiritual support if needed


  • Volunteer – Assistance through visits and personal daily tasks such as companionship or special needs


For questions please call (818) 562-7511

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